RPM Indigenous Career Opportunities

One Company, Many Career Paths

RPM Indigenous professionals receive ongoing training, management, and support to enable development and opportunities for advancement.

Within our organization, our team consists of sales, operations, development and management professionals. We understand the needs and challenges faced in business today.

We strive to create an environment where dedicated and focused individuals have access to resources and staff that help them develop rewarding, fulfilling careers.

RPM Indigenous Values Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  •  It is an integral part of our work culture.
  • We are committed to an inclusive workforce.
  • We are proud members of Canadian Council of Aboriginal Businesses.
  • Check our Aboriginal Business Certificate (PDF)

RPMIG is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Many factors contribute to building and maintaining a successful company, but virtually all successful companies agree that the people behind a company’s products and services are by far the most important factor.

Read our DEI statement

Our Commitment To You

The on-the-job training and management support we provide is only part of the investment we make in our employees’ futures with RPM. You’ll also have:

Dedicated management and administrative support

Access to advanced IT tools to make you as effective as possible in your role

Aggressive, unlimited compensation and incentives

Ongoing, on-the-job training and coaching

Regular recognition and awards for high achievement

Cutting-edge territory management and reporting software tools