Professional Engineering

We deliver innovative and sustainable solutions

Introducing RPM Indigenous Group (RPMIG), is an Indigenous company that offers a full engineering team dedicated to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to communities across Ontario. Our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing high-quality services that meet the unique needs of each of our clients.

Our engineering team consists of civil, environmental, surveying, traffic, geothermal and hydrogeological engineers as well as an Ontario Land Surveyor.

We offer a full range of services, including:

Infrastructure Design and Development

Site and Land Development

Municipal Infrastructure

Construction Management

Stormwater Management

Geothermal Solutions

Engineering Project examples:

Federal Environmental Projects, Geothermal Investigation

  • Client: Federal Government-Deeper Greening Initiative
  • Location: Ottawa
  • Value: $3M
  • Summary: Oversaw the creation and execution of a complex fieldwork program to construct and test four (4) 300 m deep exploratory boreholes across the City of Ottawa with the intent to assess the potential for geothermal alternatives to existing conventional heating and cooling plants for Federal facilities .

Dwyer Hill Training Center Renewal

  • Client: Dwyer Hill Training Center
  • Location: Ottawa region
  • Value: $5M
  • Summary: On average illumination is approximately 58% higher throughout the facility.

Kennedy Station Rehabilitation – Pedestrian Capacity Study

  • Client: Toronto Transit Corporation (TTC)
  • Location: Toronto
  • Role: Lead Traffic and Transportation Engineer
  • Summary: Undertaking an extensive pedestrian capacity study at the Kennedy Station which is a transfer station between a subway line, a bus terminal station, and an SRT station. Extensive pedestrian capacity was undertaken along the corridors and on stairways. The methodology used to determine the maximum capacities at different pedestrian levels of service (LOS) is “Transit Capacity and Quality of Service” published by TRB.

WE CREATE DEPENDABLE INFRASTRUCTURE working with land, sun and, water for a sustainable future

Creative and practical solutions to incorporate your environmental, and social goals in each project. We work with the surrounding communities of each location.

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