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We deliver solutions for our clients because we listen to their needs. Our team of professionals have decades of experience in the energy industry around North America.

We will provide you with a free audit of your lighting, power factor, hvac, and generation capabilities while showing you savings opportunities.

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We offer a full range of services, including:

Renewable Energy Certificates

Choosing to utilize REC’s and offsets for your natural gas and electricity consumption enables you to satisfy your companies ESG (Environmental Social Governance) goals. It shows you are working towards a Carbon Net Zero target.

Energy Hedging

100% cost certainty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week protection. No load balancing, with unlimited usage programs.

Rooftop solar

We deliver engineered solutions for new and transformed energy ecosystems

LED Project examples:

Astenjohnson, Kanata, ON

  • Client: Astenjohnson
  • Location: Kanata, ON
  • Utility Reduction: 2,246,896 kWh to 134,813 kWh – 94% reductions as verified by IESO via Ontario Hydro
  • Annual Savings: $297,000
  • Summary: Illumination is approximately 45% higher throughout the facility.
  • Testimonials: “As a production manager for this facility for 10 years, this smart LED project had the best overall outcome by far. The execution went flawlessly, and thanks to the advanced control that autonomously optimized all the unused space, the savings we are now enjoying are impressive.”

LHM Technologies Inc, Woodbridge, ON

  • Client: LMH Technologies Inc,
  • Location: Woodbridge, ON
  • Utility Reduction: 617,297 kWh to 98,767 kWh $101,021
  • Summary: On average illumination is approximately 58% higher throughout the facility.
  • Annual Savings: $101,021
  • Testimonial: “Working with the LED specialist to implement our facility’s new lighting and controls was truly a professional and streamlined experience. From the initial proposals, to the process of testing, installing, and setting up the controls, even during our production hours, was a very effortless and safe process for our organization.”

Your Energy use is important

Zero capital outlay projects include rebate applications and savings we guarantee